Café & Restaurant Versions

There are two slightly different version of the AccentPOS system, each tailored to suit different establishments.

Your AccentPOS expert will discuss these options with you in the consultation. Once you have specified the version, you can change it at any time using the Online Hub.

Café Version:

  • Configured for counter service. Customers approach the checkout to place an order, which can be either assigned to a Table Number, or assigned a general Order Number. Payments can be taken immediately before the order is prepared.

  • When orders are completed in the Kitchen, they are cleared from the system, allowing for a simple and easy approach to service. Orders are not sent to the Waiter View and queued for completion.

Restaurant Version:

  • Configured for table service. Tables are created in the system as the customers take their seats. Orders can be placed at the table. Payments can be taken immediately or paid after all the items have been served.

  • When orders are completed in the Kitchen, they are sent to the Waiter View. All staff in the establishment are notified and have a clear list of all items that are ready to be collected from the Kitchen. This ensures fluid communication within the establishment and eliminates mistakes.